One of the fastest-growing and most exciting fields affecting all businesses today is telecommunications. Not surprisingly, the federal and state regulatory field for communications providers is constantly changing. Entrust your regulatory compliance matters and contracting to an experienced communications law firm to help ensure your business plan is never thwarted by state and federal regulations.

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For more than 25 years, Mark Foster has practiced communications law. Mark served as Special Counsel to the Public Utility Commission of Texas, where he provided legal guidance to the commissioners and executive director regarding electric, telecommunications, and utility regulation, as well as general administrative law matters. Since 1990, Mark has represented competitive telecommunications companies, wireless companies, VoIP providers, and fiber providers throughout the nation regarding a host of communications law matters, including the following:

Competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) licenses and tariffsNegotiating interconnection agreements with incumbent telephone companies
State CLEC certificationsPost – interconnection dispute resolution proceedings
Eligible Telecommunications Carrier (ETC) designationsContracting with third-party providers
Regulatory complianceTaxation issues
Billing disputes with incumbent local exchange companies and other vendorsStrategic planning
911 agreement issuesCompliance with privacy laws when responding to data requests from law enforcement
FCC and state commission Enforcement/Penalty casesFederal Disability Accessibility and Hearing Aide Compatibility requirements
Complaint and arbitration proceedings before state utility commissionsVoIP providers – regulations, taxes and fees

FosterDanowsky is committed to helping clients identify and capitalize on business opportunities in the midst of the uncertainty that can be caused by changing regulations. We have the skills and resources to represent clients before most of the state utility commissions throughout the United States. When local counsel is required, FosterDanowsky taps its nationwide network of attorneys who provide local assistance at little additional cost.

Client testimonials

From Telecommunications Provider: “Mark has represented multiple firms on my behalf over the past 10+ years in both the telecommunications and deregulated energy industries. I have relied on his expertise and guidance in all regulatory, licensing and legal matters with regards to electric and telecom issues, from the formation and licensing of companies as well as contract negotiation, arbitration, mediation and dispute resolution. Mark is one of the most trustworthy, moral and ethical individuals with whom I have ever had the pleasure of working. With regard to work ethic, his work is accurate, precise and always on time (usually ahead of schedule). He is constantly looking out for the best interests of myself and my firm(s). As a client, he keeps me up to speed on changes in law, rules and regulations that affect my business. Mark is dependable and always quick to respond to phone calls and emails. Over the years I have known Mark, he has never once let me down. I am proud to know him as a colleague and as a friend. I highly recommend Mark Foster.”

From Telecommunications Provider: “I have utilized Mark as my attorney for two telecom related companies. Mark has been very successful in negotiating, raising or, resolving multiple issues put before the PUC of Texas between my corporation and AT&T. Additionally, Mark lead the efforts to allow me to start a new CLEC in Texas and New York. Mark is a very knowledgeable and trustworthy lawyer. He will continue to be my corporate attorney for as long as I am in the telecom business and industry. I would highly recommend Mark for all your Telecom needs.”

From Telecommunications Provider: “I have been working as a client with Mark Foster in the telecommunications industry for over a decade. His firm excels at understanding complex regulated industries, PUC rules and rule makings, regulated contract negotiations with telecommunications and electric utilities, mediation, arbitration, establishing corporations, partnership arrangements and bi-laws. I also highly recommend this firm for swift mediation arbitration resolutions to partnership and vendor conflicts. Superior legal service with extremely high integrity. Highly recommended.”

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