Towing & VSF

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation is the state’s umbrella licensing agency, administering licenses for over three dozen occupations, including tow truck and vehicle storage facility (VSF) operators.

towing vsf tdlr licensing agency

Are you facing an administrative penalty or suspension from TDLR due to a complaint from a customer or investigator? Or maybe you’re applying for your license and have been denied based on a past conviction or deferred adjudication. You maybe need assistance managing your business and complying with TDLR’s regulations and rules. Your occupation require years of training and experience, and licensees dedicate extensive and valuable time and energy toward their trades.

At FosterDanowsky, we understand that if your license is threatened, your livelihood is at stake. We help clients navigate the TDLR application and disciplinary processes to help you obtain and keep your license as an individual or regulated business. We can help you defend your license against any adverse disciplinary actions. We can help you prepare a criminal history questionnaire (CHQ), respond to consumer complaints and enforcement investigations, and defend your license at hearings at the State Office of Administrative Hearings (SOAH).

If something is amiss in a license renewal application, we can work with the TDLR staff to find resolution.

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