Texas Department of Savings and Mortgage Lending

FosterDanowsky is dedicated to protecting professionals, such as Residential Mortgage Loan Originators (RMLOs), from losing their licenses and their livelihoods. The Texas Department of Savings and Mortgage (DSML) may deny an applicant a license based on past criminal history or financial background. FosterDanowsky has successfully appealed denials based on both these grounds.

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If you have a license, the Department may start an investigation against you, and may even make a Preliminary Determination that you violated either Texas law or Department Rules. FosterDanowsky is familiar with DSML policies and can negotiate a dismissal of charges or negotiate a favorable settlement with the Department. Contact FosterDanowsky to discuss your case today.

Representative Cases

Applicant was denied a residential mortgage loan originator license based upon convictions for attempted child sexual abuse activity. At the administrative hearing, FosterDanowsky attorneys argued that Applicant had successfully rehabilitated and had sufficient financial responsibility, character, and general fitness to practice as a residential mortgage loan originator. The administrative law judge agreed and recommended that Applicant receive an unencumbered residential mortgage loan originator license.

Client’s application for a Texas Residential Mortgage Loan Originator (RMLO) was denied based on previous bankruptcy and credit rating, despite having spent years serving as a RMLO in another state. Mark Foster represented client in appealing the denial, and presented client’s case before an Administrative Law Judge at a formal hearing. Mr. Foster successfully presented proof of client’s consistent financial responsibility and good character, and explained that the bankruptcy was an anomaly caused by market forces. Client’s license was ultimately granted without conditions.

Client’s application for a residential mortgage loan originator license was denied due to criminal background history. Through clear communications and cooperative interactions with TDSML counsel, FosterDanowsky attorneys were able to explain the criminal history was neither recent nor relevant and should have no effect on client’s application for licensure. Client’s application was approved and license issued in a timely and proficient manner.

Client Testimonials

From Mortgage Banker Residential Loan Originator:“Mark Foster handled my case exceptionally professional. He attempted to settle out of court but was unsuccessful due to Commissioner’s vacation. Mr. Foster was well prepared for trial. He presented my case really organized in a labeled binder to our opposition & the judge. This assisted me to organize my thoughts while at trial, which can be intimidating. His follow up after trial was consistent. We received favorable results!! I highly recommend Mark Foster & his team for loan originators up against TX SML & also for other legal matters.”

From Mortgage Banker Residential Loan Originator: “Mark wasn’t the first attorney I had contacted, as a matter of fact I was about to give up on hiring an attorney because all I seem to get was an attitude that my case wasn’t important enough for them to get involved any deeper than writing a letter. The cost for a letter and some fake empathy, $1000.00. Mark on the other hand listened to everything I had to say, gave me the facts of the case as they related to me, sent me a copy of the agreement, answered questions about the agreement and I hired him. He always took my calls, or returned my calls quickly, he responded to all of my emails quickly, he listened to me complain and vent and calmed me down and he was successful in getting my case resolve in my favor. Someone up above was looking out for me when they put Mark Foster in my path and I am very grateful.”

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