Texas Department of Public Safety

You’ve worked hard to earn your license, but now your career is in danger. We can help you obtain and protect your license, commission, or registration before the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS).

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DPS licenses, including Private Security Bureau (PSB) licenses, require substantial education, training, and costs. You may need to appeal an initial staff denial of your application. You may need to protect your livelihood from allegations that you violated a DPS rule. You may also need to protect your license after a conviction or deferred adjudication from being revoked, suspended, or denied by DPS. Whether you work in Austin or anywhere else in the state of Texas, FosterDanowsky provides knowledgeable, responsive, and diligent representation to the licensees listed below:

Personal Protection OfficerAlarm Systems Monitor
Electronic Access Control Device InstallerLocksmith
Alarm Systems InstallerSecurity Consultant
Security SalespersonGuard Dog Trainer
Alarm SalespersonPrivate Investigator
Metals Recycling Entities (MREs)

Representative Cases

Applicant was denied an alarm salesperson license based upon convictions for driving while intoxicated and criminal mischief, as well as making a material misstatement on his application. At the administrative hearing, FosterDanowsky attorneys argued that the convictions were not representative of Applicant, who had dedicated his life to providing for his wife and child. The administrative law judge agreed and recommended that Applicant receive an unencumbered alarm salesperson license.

Licensee’s renewal application was denied because of alleged unpaid debts to Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation. FosterDanowsky attorneys navigated the bureaucracy of the two agencies to prove all student loans had been paid and to ensure the client kept his alarm installer license with no lapse in currency.

Client’s Owner/Partner/Shareholder/Officer license was revoked following a second conviction for Driving While Intoxicated. FosterDanowsky attorneys represented client at an administrative hearing before the State Office of Administrative Hearings (SOAH). FosterDanowsky attorneys presented an organized and comprehensive defense, which provided evidence that client had successfully maintained sobriety and built up a support group that would assure no relapse into the concerning behavior. The Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) agreed with the licensee and approved the renewal of his license.

After many years of work as an alarm installer, client’s private security – alarm salesperson license was summarily revoked following a criminal conviction. FosterDanowsky attorneys appeared before an ALJ at SOAH on client’s behalf and presented testimony by the licensee and a supporting witness, as well as documentation showing client’s trustworthiness, integrity, and honesty. The ALJ recommended reinstatement of client’s license, and the Department confirmed the recommendation. Client continues his alarm salesperson profession.

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