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Business woman with a license accepts a job offer after getting her agency order changed

What if You Want to Change an Agency Order?

You may already be subject to an order of your licensing agency. What if you want to change it? Most often licensees want to change a pre-existing order because of difficulties they have finding employment. Requesting an agency to change an order typically requires a “petition for exception.” Changing an order, whether mutually agreed to […]

Someone with a professional license is being investigated by an agency in Texas

What Happens when a Texas Licensing Board Agency Investigates Your Professional License?

Facing a formal complaint or investigation against your professional license? You need experienced legal representation! An attorney who is experienced with Texas licensing boards, laws, and rules is the best choice to defend your case and minimize the impact on your professional license. There are many types of licenses governed by different agencies. FosterDanowsky represents clients […]

Stressed out young professional who may be losing her professional license

How Criminal History May Impact Your Professional License

Have you been arrested, convicted, or placed on deferred adjudication for a crime? If so, this may impact your eligibility for a professional license. If you currently have a professional license, you may have to file a report with the licensing agency. If you are planning on applying for a license, you may have to […]