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Founded in 1990, FosterDanowsky provides effective and responsive legal services to individuals and competitive industries who are affected by governmental regulation. We represent licensed professionals such as communications lawaccountants, engineers, nurses, TDLR licensees, DPS licensees, mortgage loan originators, and others in disciplinary and compliance matters before their licensing boards.

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Mark Foster

Principal & Founding Attorney

Mark Foster has represented both individuals and businesses before most Texas state regulatory boards and agencies as well as the Federal Communications Commission and state utility commissions across the country. He has been Board Certified in Administrative Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization since 1990, and has over 30 years experience practicing Administrative Law. Mark’s practice concentrates on communications law, professional license defense, and regulatory compliance for businesses affected by government regulation.

Mark represents both individuals and businesses before regulatory agencies ranging from the Federal Communications Commission and state utility commissions to OSHA and the Texas Health and Human Services Commission. Regardless of the forum, the industry, or the profession, Mark is a champion for competition; he works to increase and maintain choices for consumers, patients, and clients and to increase job and business opportunities for providers of goods and services.

At the heart of successful public policy work is a network of relationships. Mark Foster has been a visible presence within the Austin legal community since 1982. In that time, he has developed legislative and administrative relationships in many different areas, from the Texas State Capitol to state agencies to private regulated professionals and businesses. Mark has lobbied for various interests, such as trucking deregulation, electric utility competition, nursing home administrators and telecommunications. He has considerable experience in group representation through advocacy for associations such as the Texas Association of Business and Chambers of Commerce, the Truck Renting and Leasing Association, and the Texas Association for Competitive Transportation. Mark has incorporated and served as general counsel for the Texas Association of Licensed Facility Administrators (nursing home administrators) and the Texas Independent Movers Association (small household goods movers). Mark has organized over a dozen competitive telecommunications companies into client groups to arbitrate for new interconnection terms with incumbent providers in order to maximize effectiveness and lower costs to market participants. He presently serves as a chair of the Texas Chapter of the Federal Communications Bar Association and has a 10.0 rating on the lawyer directory website, Avvo.

Prior to entering private practice, Mark served as Special Counsel at the Texas Public Utilities Commission and served as Administrative Law Judge or hearings examiner for the Texas Medical Board, the Structural Pest Control Board, the Texas Health Facilities Commission, the Railroad Commission of Texas, and the Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation. Additionally, Mark has worked as a lobbyist before the Texas Legislature, using his administrative law background and reputation to enhance legislators’ understanding of complex regulatory issues.

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Jason Danowsky

Attorney, Litigation and Regulatory Compliance

Jason Danowsky’s practice focuses on professional and vocational license representation and telecommunications regulatory support. Jason provides representation before licensing boards that regulate a host of professionals such as engineers, nurses, accountants, pharmacists, counselors, electricians, alarm installers, and loan originators. Jason works closely with clients to provide hands-on guidance with preparation of applications to regulatory agencies and answers to licensing board investigation requests. He also manages communications and settlement negotiations with agency attorneys and personnel. He provides support in preparation for hearings, board meetings and contested case appearances. Jason is the primary attorney at FosterDanowsky for professional licensee matters and regularly appears in evidentiary contested case hearings at the State Office of Administrative Hearings (“SOAH”). Jason organizes and prepares presentations for informal settlement conferences and exhibits for contested case hearings so that clients’ positions are effectively communicated to regulators and judges.

Jason received his Juris Doctor with honors from the University of Texas School of Law, where he was an Articles Editor on the Editorial Board of the prestigious Texas Law Review. At law school, Jason mentored incoming members of the Law Review and received the Law Review’s Pro Bono Award for working the most pro bono hours during law school.

Jason has interned at the Office of the Texas Attorney General and for a federal district judge. He also worked as a research assistant for multiple UT Law School professors on matters ranging from legal scholarship to multi-billion-dollar international insolvency. Prior to law school, Jason worked on offshore oil rigs and as a teacher.

Seth Weinstein

Of Counsel

Seth Weinstein’s practice focuses on state and federal Administrative Law. Seth represents individuals in state and federal professional license defense matters. Seth also counsels businesses in state and federal business license defense cases. In addition, Seth represents individuals and businesses in regulatory compliance matters with state and federal administrative law agencies. Seth also represents individuals before colleges, universities and local school districts in disciplinary matters.

Seth graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree from The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. Seth obtained his Juris Doctorate Degree from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Seth is admitted to practice law in Texas, California and Illinois. More information about Seth can be found at www.sethweinsteinlaw.com.

Joel Simmons

Of Counsel

Joel Simmons’ practice focuses on estate planning and probate, in addition to occasional legislative drafting.  Joel’s personal touch has helped him draft estate planning documents for a wide array of complex and non-traditional family arrangements.  From multi-state rental empires to Olympic gold medals, Joel’s estate planning experience runs the gamut.

Additionally, Joel has worked extensively with the Texas Legislature.  During law school he served as a policy analyst with the House of Representatives, specializing in criminal justice reforms and environmental policy.  He later worked an analyst for the Sunset Advisory Commission and as a drafting attorney with the Texas Senate. During law school, Joel served as a clinical student and later dedicated researcher for Hugh L. Brady, Parliamentarian of the Texas House of Representatives.

A lifelong resident of Texas, Joel Simmons earned his baccalaureate degree from the University of Texas at Austin, and then attended the University of Texas School of Law, graduating with honors in 2013. More information about Joel can be found at www.joelsimmonslaw.com.

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